Repopulate popup menu?

In my window open event, I populate a popup menu with files located within a specific folder. If someone adds new files to that folder, I need to repopulate the popup menu, in order to display them.

I have a refresh button, but am trying to avoid having to close the window and then reopen it, in order to repopulate the popup menu. Is it possible (via a button action) to call the window open event (or achieve the same result - ie repopulate the popup menus), without actually closing the window and then reopening it?

Thank you all in advance.

Could you move the populate routine to a module or method and just call I where you need to?

I just realised I can repopulate the popup menus via a timer which executes a method containing the repopulation code, when the refresh button is depressed.
Havent used Xojo for a few years, but it’s slowly coming back to me :slight_smile:

Thanks for nudging my memory Paul :slight_smile: