Repairing folder permissions?

Howdy folks!

I am writing a program.

One of the features is fixing kext permissions and rebuilding the cache

I tried to invoke a shell command but it did absolutely nothing.

If someone could tell me how I can do this I will be forever grateful.

What exactly are you trying to do with your shellcode? Can you post some code? Rebuilding cache may need sudo. Have you authorized your shell?



I am working on a hobby project for Hackintosh users. I am developing a tool for users who lack terminal ability to maintain certain hackintosh issues, such as installing kexts.

I am using the Obj.FolderItem.NativePath action on Drop. What I am attempting to do is read from the list and execute the copy command until all listbox items have been copied. To ensure that I don’t screw up my system, these Kexts will be installed under ~/Library/Extensions until I am comfortable with putting it in /System/Library/Extensions

  dim shInstall as new shell
  //PasswordAsk.SudoPassword.text is a textbox cheat in another window temporarily while I am designing this. I will make it more efficient when I am done adding all the features.
  shInstall.execute ("echo " + PasswordAsk.SudoPassword.text + "  | sudo -S cp -R " + Listbox1.Selected + ".kext  ~/Library/Extentions")