Repairability Ratings for Notebook Computers

I found this useful resource while trying to decide on the brand of my next computer. I can say that having worked on the hardware of some of the brands listed (though not necessarily the same models) I’m not the least bit surprised at the ratings.

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Very interesting ! Not surprisingly Macs are not highly rated, the other side of the coin.

They didn’t mention any Dell laptops. I volunteer with a group that recycles and repairs old computers for special needs and low income people. The Dell Latitude D and E series are easy to work on. With PC laptops, generally the commercial-grade models are much easier to service than the lower cost home-use models. You get what you pay for (in the PC world.)

They gave the Dell Latitude E5270 a 10 out of 10.

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I must have missed the Dells in the list.