Rent XOJO For a Month ?

all of my users are 3D artists, they could model the hanging gardens of Babylon, but give them something techie to do and they run and hide lol

With windows I usually program between a slow laptop and my i7, with the C# version I have had issues with the client firing before the remote server loads on the slower machine, so I tend to use the laptop to fine tune and keep the ui responsive… still haven’t got a fully working client on Xojo :confused:

I don’t really need Pro, my interests are very focused but don’t require anything special… and a small user base

$700/year is just out of the range of many if not most hobbyists can justify and/or afford. Few hobbyists actually need all of Web , iOS and Desktop.

For example most hobbyists doing things for their job only need desktop.

  • Karen

At this rate, you should be ashamed when you buy a $700 Pro LIcense that could feed an entire family in Africa for two years. But this has nothing to do with our discussion. For better or worse, cheap or expensive is based on one’s buying power. For me a Ferrari is expensive, while it is petty cash for Trump. Yet can we assume none of us lives on less than $1.00 a day ?

Your OP gave us a link to a rental place where the software is $199 A MONTH. Is not $99 cheap as compared ? One full year of upgrades and lifetime usage as compared to $2388 for one year usage, that is about 4% the cost of his rental example. Even as compared to one single month rental, it is less than half. If you define very affordable as the opposite of expensive, it qualifies.

Pro would be off topic in this discussion.

I saw that Mac packing tool for the app store was about S9.99 pay as you go which seemed a fair price.

Personally for me I have other options like QT or Mono, but its not a walk in the park with either to get something working and at the price of really big file sizes, I probably have more hurdle to over come with those two, this is why Xojo is so attractive

I probably will end up buying a Mac license… its just more money is going out than coming in right now