Rent XOJO For a Month ?

I have seen long discussions of the new Xojo prices here on this Xojo forum. That for many new starters find it too expensive, Including my self since I don’t sell my software but only make applications to simplify my daily work.

Then I found this link ( with this new kind of concept, where you can rent their software for a month. We can already use Xojo for developing but not compile the code. So for those Non full time developers or New starters that only need to create compiled code once a while, and can’t effort to buy the software. This could be an interesting approach.

So, what are Xojo Inc comment on this. We can rent your software for a month :slight_smile: ?

Before LiveCode went open source, they did this… Not too certain how successful it was though…

You can effectively run your code in the IDE if you write code for your own use. While some of us umm and ah about investing in a Xojo License, Xojo still incurs a ton of overheads to keep their business humming along while we are deciding if we are going to commit to the purchase of a license. I am not sure that compiler rentals are part of their business plan. Having said that, stranger things have happened in the business world.

I don’t think $99 is too much for a lifetime license including a year of upgrades. Sure it’s limited, but fine for new starters.

Hi Wayne:

it is funny you wrote that ($99) because I was thinking earlier today about REALbasic 1.0 whose price was… $99 !
(The first license I paid.)

20 times less than a today’s Xojo Enterprise licence.

My first license was $0 for a personal Real Basic License, then I upgraded to Pro, then Enterprise and then got bumped down to Pro again with Xojo. For me the process has worked well - as I learned more of the product I was able to expand my horizons and haven’t yet had an issue with renewing. In May/June I’ll be ready to get into iOS which is when I’ll be renewing for another year.

I’ll be coughing up for 64-bit… iOS hasn’t matter too much to me…

[quote=163034:@Emile Schwarz]Hi Wayne:

it is funny you wrote that ($99) because I was thinking earlier today about REALbasic 1.0 whose price was… $99 !
(The first license I paid.)[/quote]

Yeah, me too, it still shows up in my Xojo account history from 1999 :slight_smile: When I look down and add up the invoices that I’ve paid for RB/RS/Xojo, it’s an extremely small amount compared to what I’ve gained from the product.

I don’t see how the rental idea would work. With respect, how cheap do you want it to be? The IDE itself is already free so you can write your entire app before you ever need to click the Build button. How much cheaper than $99 do you think a month of compiling should cost? I don’t see how this would work, to be honest, but there are smarter minds than me at Xojo Inc so who knows.

This is ridiculous. Ontolica is what ? $199 A MONTH ? Have you lost your mind ? For $99 one shot you get a lifetime working software plus one year free upgrades.

The choice is pretty obvious. Don’t you give crazy ideas to Xojo …

That said, the idea to offer software as a service, and not as a lifetime executable that for all intents and purpose you can consider your own, is probably very profitable. For instance, Adobe now has switched all its applications to the cloud, so instead of selling Photoshop Windows once for about ten years, they charge $29.95 a month. In ten years, they make $3594. Cozy :wink:

As a software developer, it is probably the way to build regular income, and to avoid piracy.

Good idea (after some hours of reflexion).

As Gavin said, you create the softwares using the free IDE, then buy a one month license to build your applications and sold them until you will need another licence-a-month and loop indefinitely…


probably good for the developer but NOT for Xojo Inc

Exactly my point. Xojo already has a regular income from a lot of us who have been renewing licenses regularly, some for 20+ years. I do not think it is any good deal for hobbyists to pay by the month, and for professional developers, that would send them immediately to the competition.

But for developers, it is probably a venue to consider. Especially when with Web Edition, one can fairly easily port a desktop app to the cloud.

Unless Xojo Inc have the current way and also the subscription for those who can’t afford it.

I would not want to paid 99 every month to use Xojo and if i don’t paid i cannot build.

Oops, June 1998 actually. And another in October 1998 - not sure what that one was for!

Version 2 ?

so fast after version 1 ?

Or a second license.

People having not enough money for a license, can always use the free version without limitations except building.

I think people need to create standalone versions have enough money to buy a license which fit their needs. 99 USD is cheap for building for one choosen platform.

Calculate how much a monthly rent of 60 USD will cost you within a year, two years… I think a monthly rent of 60 USD is fair.

We may be start given examples using cases.

Case #1: the developer will sold the software.
(S)He may / May not start with the free IDE, then he buy a license to compile the project and put the application(s) App Store, Windows Store, whatever.
With a little luck, the Xojo license will be “paid” in the first week or so.
No need to a month build license IMHO.

Case #2: the developer will do FreeWare
This is his choice. Your opinions are welcome.

Case #3: the developer creates the application Pro bono.
He have to buy a license to build the application.
I’ve done that. I do not even think at a “single month license”. Even if this was available, I would not use it because I generated more than 6 updates versions during the passed 20 months and I will issue one more before the end of 2015 Q1. (the last one ?)
Your opinions are welcome.

I’m just a hobbyist/does freeware and for me Mac is the nemesis, I bought a Windows license but in hindsight I should of bought a Mac license as this is the platform I struggle with, I’m not a Mac user, I only have it on Virtualbox and this is the one I need to get beta tested, the Windows version “should” work on anything.
Its not something I can share here as it needs other software to work and a working knowledge of the software
its a shame we can’t build with logos or watermarks to get these things tested, Mac isn’t just the license cost its all the other costs as well, so before I commit to my money it would be nice for an easier way than telling people (who aren’t coders) they need to install Xojo to test it.
With running Mac on Virtual box its very slow so things like how the window behaves will running a background process is probably a lot worse than it actually is, just simple things like this are a nightmare

I don’t know if paying monthly is any good, I’d rather see a build with restrictions, logo, watermarks, no styles whatever :slight_smile:

You can always have a few selected beta testers run your program into the IDE.

As for the poor performances of VirtualBox, I’ll say that is probably good in the end, because you will optimize your program for that slow environment, so the program will perform better on an actual fast Mac. All too often developers neglect users with slow machines or limited RAM.

Many on this Xojo forums says that 99USD is very cheap. But I guess that would only apply to Europe and US. Just wondering if 99 USD for Xojo single desktop is cheap for developer in India or some other Asian country ( I guess not). Also I find it very interesting that not many mentioned Xojo pro.