Renew in advance?

Re: licensing of Xojo. I renew every Thanksgiving (sort of). My license for complimentary updates lapses Nov 2022. If I renew now, does that “start the clock” the day of the renewal or when my current license for complimentary updates lapses?

(It’s weird to ask this question because it’d be such a ripoff - I mean I’d paid for a year, I should get a year - but these days, you never know what the fine print is. Xojo aren’t crooks, they are exceptionally good, but again, you never know…)

Obviously I saw the renewal price hike announcement so if I know I’m going to go for another year (or two) maybe I should do it now instead of November?

Renewals extend your current expiration date by one year. For example, if your license expires in November 2022, renewing today for one year will extend that to November 2023. For any additional questions about renewing please contact

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