Renaming file name issue

My app is removing %20 out of file names.
If the file resides on the desktop, the file names changes.
If the file resides in a document folder, nothing happens.
Anyone a clue?

As %20 refers to a Space character in a URLPath, are you changing from URLPath to NativePath when saving the file name?

No, I’m not changing a path, just the file name.

newname = replaceallb(,“%20”," ") = newname

If the file ist on the desktop, it works, in a folder, it does nothing.

Please, share exact used code if you want good anwser; else you will only get guesses (roulette answers…) :wink:

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Now that I looked at the code again, I noticed I did not use replaceAllB but only replaceAll (as published above already). I changed it, tried it out, and it worked! Seems some kind of encoding problem to me…
Anyway, it works now!