Renaming a built .exe results in an app that doesn't run? (fatal runtime errors)

I’ve not experienced this in RB before, but when I compile apps with Xojo 2021r3.1, if the user then renames the built .exe, it refuses to start, resulting in an endless loop of fatal runtime errors such as: Common\plugin.cpp:1002 Failure Condition: pluginEntryTable.GetEntry(entrypointName, out) can’t find plugin method BevelButton.DeleteAllRows

When canceling out, the app exits cleanly and if you rename the .exe to the original name it had at the time it was built in Xojo, it works perfectly fine, so it really is caused by the .exe filename. Why is that and is there any way to build apps with Xojo that still run when they’re renamed?

This may help:

For those of you building apps for Windows and Linux, you’ll notice that each build includes a Libs folder. The name of this folder depends on the application name that you’ve set in your Build Settings. For example, if my Windows App Name is “My Application.exe” then the Libs folder would be named “My Application Libs”.

This helped, I wasn’t aware of this yet (I’m new to Xojo). It makes sense, thanks.

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I believe that if they rename the ‘My Application Libs’ folder to simply ‘Libs’ (ditto for Resources), then they can rename the app all they want. :slight_smile: