Rename XOJO Project File

I renamed a project file, which was successful, but the old name still appears in the Recent projects list and the old name still brings up the project. What am I doing wrong? Mac Spotlight search does not fide the old file. Are the new and old file names in the Recent list pointing to the same file?

It uses an alias record so yes it would be

Thanks, Norman - How do I remove if from the Recent list?

file menu, open recent, then bottom of the list : clear menu

Or… this is an old project ?
Move it into an archive location that you remove before launching Xojo, then, in Xojo, click in that project name.

You will get a dialog and then the entry will disappears.

Of course, a ContextualMenu that allows you to clear an entry on selection will be welcome.

At last, you can increase the list of Recents entries. Search in this forum the solution (I forgot, sorry).


Thank Sasha for the link.

I was a bit “short in explanation”.

When the IDE display a list of recents and the user click in one off line project, the IDE propose to remove that entry.

I noticed that after loading a project located in an external HD; days after that, I wanted to check something in that project, but that external HD was offline and the IDE…