Removing the title bar from a floating window

Does anyone have any declares they are willing to share to remove the title bar and close buttons from a floating window on macOS, Windows (and if possible GTK)? I don’t want to use a plain box / modal window frame type because I need the other app windows to remain interactive whilst the titlebar-less window is frontmost.

If it’s ok for you, it’ll be easier to have a plain box that you tell to be always on top rather than a floating window that you tell to have no title bar.
There are declares for each 3 systems to tell a window to float above other windows. Removing the titlebar of an existing window… I’m only aware of a Windows way. :thinking:

@GarryPettet Did you locate the Windows code for this? If not I have a few questions for you before I answer this as the answers will determine how complex the answer is.

Yep. I can share it. Just away from my computer at the moment, I’ll post the code a bit later.

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Here’s a super simple example project hiding the title bar for a floating window using declares on all three platforms. Thanks to @Sam_Rowlands for pointing me in the correct direction to doing it on macOS.

Binary Project Link