Removing tabs in the IDE

When you have a big project it is usual to have many IDE tabs opened at the same time.
According to the size of your screen they are shown at the top of the screen below the ribbon.
Each tab has the name of the item, a padlock at the right hand side to lock and unlock the item, and an “x” at the left hand side to remove the tab.
But if you have “many items” opened, there is not enough space and they are placed in a column visible through the sign “>>”


My question is: Is it possible to remove these tabs? If it is, how?
Thanks for your help.

I’m not aware of a quick way to remove just those tabs, but three ideas come to mind:

  • Choose each one and close it.
  • Close all of them at once (on the Mac, hold down the option key and close one, I’m guessing shift or alt will do the same on Windows), then reopen the ones you want.
  • Create a new Workspace, then drag the tabs you want to keep to it. Close the original Workspace.


Thank you Kem.
Perhaps I didn’t explain it well.
What I want is precisely to close just one of them .
You say “Choose each one and close it.”.
That’s the problem: how can I close it? Right clicking it is not the solution since it is exactly the same as left clicking.
By the way, at this moment I’m using Windows. Maybe something is different on a Mac.

I misunderstood.

You can choose one of the “tabs” from that menu to make it active (even though it doesn’t appear at the top), then use File menu → Close Tab, or the equivalent keystroke.