Removing properties or methods from a new class

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I am trying to understand classes that you can create yourself and I have a question. Let’s take an example: let’s say we create a class from with Canvas as a Super. If I know for sure that I do not want the new class to accept picture drops, is there a way to remove it from the new class?



Have you looked at

You don’t need to remove something that is already optional…

@Michel Bujardet :

Hello Michel

True, but if I create a class and drop it on my main window, menu will all the parameters from the original class plus the ones I created are visible. So I was thinking that if my class will never accept picture drops, why offer that parameter to the user? Same thing with Events like Drop Objects.

Also, is there a way to show some settings in the Inspector like the on/off switches for some of my settings or do everything has to be done in the code.

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Those properties that can be “removed” are accessible via the “INSPECTOR BEHAVOUR” feature on the context menu

But that does NOT apply to functions that you have to “ADD” such as ACCEPTDROPxxx
since you have to enter code for this…

I’m not sure about muffling existing methods, but you can muffle Events by implementing the Event Handlers and not offering Event Definitions to match.

To enable the on/off switches for your properties right-click on the control and select Inspector Behavior.

@Dave S, @Tim Parnell

First of all, thank you. In the Inspector Behavior, I was able to select the extra properties I added and they are now available in the Inspector with the right switches, color selector, or fields.

For the events, by adding a comment line like “// Disabled”, the unwanted events are no longer visible. So, that is another question answered.

Now, let’s say my class draw a rectangle around the canvas. Can I supply some options like: “BorderStyle.SingleLine” or “BorderStyle.DoubleLines”?

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create an ENUM

There is no way to stop a subclass from implementing and overriding one of the methods in the parent :frowning:


Thanks you guys for your comments.