Remove TabBar.BadgeAt

With this you can add a badge to a tab bar

Self.ParentTabBar.BadgeAt(0) = “42”

This shows the red badge with no counter/text

Self.ParentTabBar.BadgeAt(0) = “”

How can I remove the red badge icon?

The doc says in the Enum (after Badge):
None Don’t display the notification

i believe that should be a bug since there is no other way to clear it in xojo. Maybe @Jeremie_L knows how to deal with this ?

This has nothing to do with iosTabbar

error in the documentation, sorry. Usually, ,when I search, I fall on mobile…


I’m not at my computer so I’m not 100% sure but I believe @Jeremie_L design extensions cover this:

Self.SetTabBarBadgeXC(0, “”)
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Yes, this works. Than you