Remove PixMapShape rotation background?

When rotating a bitmap/picture, the area of the pixmapshape behind the picture always shows. How do you get rid of that background (make it transparent)?

  dim pm as pixmapshape
  dim pmm as pixmapshape
  pm = new pixmapshape(testpix)
  pmm = new pixmapshape(testpix.mask)
  pm.rotation = newangle * PI / 180
  pmm.rotation = newangle * PI / 180, centerx, centery), centerx, centery)
  if newangle = 360 then
    newangle = 0
    newangle = newangle + 1
  end if

Is it possible? Should I not use PixMapShape? What tricks do you use to eliminate that “white” background?


Apparently, this was a bug that had just been fixed in R3. Who knew. I thought it was something magical…

Does R3 just set TRANSPARENT=1 by default?
That is what I had always done in the past

Yes, it seems so. I used PNG files and did not have to specify a mask or set transparent = 1.