Remove an Interface?

I dragged a class from a mobile project to a web project
It has interfaces:
iOSMobileTableDataSource, iOSMobile[TableData]SourceEditing

which make no sense in a web project, but I don;t seem to have a way to remove these.
When I click on the Interfaces button, there are options to ADD extra ones, but these two don’t appear in the list, whether I choose relevant interfaces or not.
So I cannot untick them, and they dont show up in a code editor

How do I remove them without recreating the class from scratch?

Maybe you can create an interface with the name “iOSMobileTableDataSource” and remove it then.

Saved as XML, hacked out the line there…
Not great, but solved…

Were they listed in red at the top of the Interfaces list?

No. Not visible at all

What’s the Class? How to reproduce it?

Maybe you have found a bug.

Or a mobile class should not be dragged to a web project (because contains incompatible features) or it can (because it just use basic crossplatform features). Not sure what you got, and hacking structures may introduce weird behaviors or crashes to the IDE or apps.