Remotely Monitor and Control No-IP, Dyn, OpenDNS and DNS-O-Matic Hosts with a Smartphone

Remotely Monitor and Control No-IP, Dyn, OpenDNS and DNS-O-Matic Hosts with a Smartphone

Annapolis, Maryland, USA (November 6, 2014) – F.W.Roller & Associates LLC, cross-platform business software developers and Enterprise Resource Planning consultants, today announced availability of xProDDNS 2014 Release 3, “The Professional Dynamic DNS Client”.

  • Mobile Web User Interface for Smartphones
  • Email and Text Message Alerts when New Version of xProDDNS is Available

Smartphones are now automatically shown a mobile web user interface tailored to their small screen sizes and potentially limited data bandwidth. Tablets, laptops and desktops are shown a full web user interface. Hashtags can now be used to control which web user interface is shown, regardless of the device being used to access xProDDNS.

Server administrators and remote users can now be notified via email and text messages when a new version of xProDDNS is available to download.

xProDDNS is a cross-platform Dynamic DNS client that runs natively on Windows, OS X and Linux. Resource utilization is very low yet performance is great thanks to code and frameworks optimized for each operating system. Mobile and full web user interfaces provide flexible remote access to headless servers and workstations from smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops. Provider, account and host configurations are incredibly flexible. Activity is logged, can be viewed live and exported as CSV (comma-separated values) and XML (extensible markup language) files. Context-sensitive help is available throughout xProDDNS with detailed descriptions and suggestions for each possible status code from No-IP, Dyn, OpenDNS and DNS-O-Matic.

“We are excited to provide smartphone access and new version notification for our xProDDNS server administrators and remote users,” said Fred Roller, Owner, F.W.Roller & Associates LLC.


Visit to download xProDDNS for Windows, OS X and Linux.


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