RemoteDebug to WinXP on VirtualBox

Hi, i am using VirtualBox to test my application on winXP and i don’t seem to be connect to that virtual machine from my Mac OSX 10.8.5. I check the virtual machine ip is , so i used the same ip on the config page for Run Remotely.

Richard, you also have to set the interface popup to match : in this case set it to 10.0.2.x
I’m assuming that this mac has more than one interface, since that’s how Parallels and Fusion handle networking by default. I’ve never used VirtualBox though…

I did set it on the remote debug desktop on the windows side and the XOJO IDE side

Paul Lefebvre wrote a blog about Remote Debugging on the Xojo (Real Studio when it was published) blog.
Remote Debugging

I had problems in getting remote debugging work with Parallels.
Eventually I found following:

Maybe this can help you in solving your Remote Debugging problem.

i try it on my Win7 on VirtualBox and it is still having the same problem. i disable firewall too. i even set it to Home.

For debugging the debugger, it’s handy to run DebugView from microsoft :

The remote debugger outputs useful log messages.

i already using DebugView on Windows and Console on the Macs.

I manage to get it to work finally on both my WinXP and Win7 and Win8 VM. Thanks everyone.