Remote text file change problems

I want to get plain text files from a remote (unix) server, amend them using a xojo program running on a PC, and then put them back again. I have been trying to do this for a fortnight using an RB/xojo addon called FTP Suite.

Say I want to get “file1.txt” which is on my server in a folder “folder1/folder2/” from the root with name “file1.txt”

In my xojo application folder I have a folder called “files” to which I want to get “file1.txt” (with the same name), make some changes to it it, and then put it back to the server with the changes. One slight problem is that I access this folder in xojo either by GetFolderItem(“”).parent.child(“files”) if I am debugging or by GetFolderItem(“”).child(”files”) for compiling.

FTP Suite wants the local path as a string. How do I translate the above two paths as relative paths understandable to a PC?

I can kind of get the whole thing to work on a Mac using what FTP Suite calls Smart Sequences, but it only works sporadically on a PC. I have just spent three days trying to use what FTP Suite calls Smart Commands in threads, with no success.

Part of the trouble with FTP Suite is that it doesn’t seem to have been upgraded much for the past several years, the manual is very badly written, there are commands in the manual missing from the software and commands in the software missing from the manual.

I am wondering if I need to look for a different simple ftp solution or whether I need to use a different approach entirely – a database perhaps?

Basically, I want two or more people to be working over the internet on tasks which require them to access data, make changes to it and keep it updated remotely in real time so that the other users always have access to the up-to-date data.

All suggestions very welcome.

You might check this link out. SSH example ? - Getting Started - Xojo Programming Forum

If you need to copy files from windows to remote Unix. You can use Putty’s pscp : Download PuTTY: latest release (0.76) with a Xojo shell class:

Another way to do it from windows with OLEobject: SSH/Telnet control - General - Xojo Programming Forum

I don’t have a Mac, but I believe it’s the same as for Linux. Secure Shell (SSH) is by default included on your MAC. For remote access you use the command: ssh and for copying files you use the command scp

Thanks but that’s all rather outside my level of experience, I just wanted a simple automated way to move the files around within a xojo program. However, the more I think about it, the more I think I had better bite the bullet and get to grips with writing a database xojo program with the data file at the remote address. That will solve some other problems I had put on the back burner.

Look at the FolderItem class at Specifically AbsolutePath and NativePath. They’ll probably get you what you need.