Remote Software

My boss and his assistants are NOT very computer literate, nor do they seem to want to put forth much effort to learn. I want to help them by using a remote software similar to Logmein, but it is way too expensive for me to purchase a legal version that would allow me to assist their PC’s from My MacBook Pro.

Is there an open-source, (read FREE), that would allow me to access their Windows apps from my Mac?

Typical problem is not being able to find a file after scanning a document etc. Nothing serious, just frustrating for them.


This sounds like you’d be within the terms of use for TeamViewer.

My niece actually installed TeamViewer on my mother (her grandmothers) computer. Mom has a Mac, and my niece has Windows, but this lets the niece help “Grandma” when ever its required.

I have Parallels on my MacBook. Should I download the windows Teamviewer and run it from the Parallels window app? Or is the Mac version ok?
This sounds like what I want… Thanks

I would run the version that is native to your computer

You could also use something like Their video client does allow screen sharing & control and is free for 1 to 1 connections up to 40 minutes.

TeamViewer is good and runs fine on Mac to access remote Win machines, but I don’t think you get file transfers without paying (although you can work around it by remotely doing manual uploads and downloads with other apps on the remote). Chrome remote from Google is also free, but also no built-in file transfers.

Actually you can do file transfers even with the unlicensed version of Team Viewer. In either of two flavors:

  • File box: which is an area available for drag n drop of files on the small session panel, typically on the right side
  • File transfer: a window with two side by side panes (remote and local) where you drag files between them

If you are not in full screen mode, there is a file transfer popup on the top bar above the client view.

I prefer File Box to File Transfer, because you can drop files to be sent without having to wait to populate a larbe remote directory listing in the side by side view.

From the EULA page:


Scope of use for Freemium-Software. The use of the Freemium-Software is solely permitted for the user’s own, private, non-commercial purposes (e.g. free computer support for a spouse/partner). The use of the Freemium-Software for the exercise of the user’s own trade or profession or the use for purposes for which the user directly or indirectly receives compensation (team work with colleagues, free support provided to third parties which have bought software of the user) does not qualify as private use.[/quote]

But see also this knowledge base article on “How exactly is “private use” defined?”