Remote Push notification for desktop App

Has someone implement remote push notification for desktop app with Apple APN ?
I’ve made some test with MBS example but no success.

Remote notifications are hard for anyone to implement but Xojo because they have to be initialized so early. Basically, they have to be initialized and a receiver set up before the app finishes launching, which is long before the App.Opening event can fire because the framework just isn’t ready yet.

You can do it in app.Constructor, I think.

Some of it you can, but it’s not early enough to catch notifications that launch the app, and certainly not for the ones that launch the app in the background. I went through this when writing Xojo’s iOS implementation for it.

It’s built into Xojo now. If you use Xojo cloud that can handle APN as well. Some info here:

@Jason_King it’s for Desktop i’m look for, not iOS :wink:

Oh in that case ignore me :slight_smile:

Maybe put in a feedback request to have the notification support which they added for iOS ported to desktop as well? I believe the APIs are quite similar. And I’m guessing they will be using the same classes for Android notifications when that’s available.


New case Open xojoinc/xojo#68634