Remote Desktop Client

Hey guys

I was thinking of creating my own Remote Desktop Client such that we can perform some custom tasks with it. The Client can run on a Raspberry Pi and connect to the windows server.

Has anyone done this before using Xojo ?

Can anyone help me with on where to start and what all I may need to implement this concept.



First, you start by creating the universe.

are you sure xojo have the graphics performance for this?
about rdp, you need the documentation of this protocol.
the login mechanism and transport encryption could be difficult.

Hi good idea but, since the old times of mainframes there is already Software for doing this. And some of them include also a scripting engine.

BTW how about teamviewer…

Have a look at terraterm, putty, vnc, and many more (search for 5250 on sourceforge.

HTH Rainer

i wrote some funtional. the idea is use local network like p2p when are possible using holePunching and encrypted (libsodium) UDP (my own protocol based on Signal, BinaryMessage and enet). ¿why? my client (accounting & bill developer +5000 users) ask me for a “component” to easy add to xojo projects with one-click give them support to their users. state: hold on. :sob:

Sort of. The main difference is I’ve not used Raspberry (only Mac, Windows and Linux).
Sending only the parts of the screen that changed is so tricky that I finally gave up and always send the whole screen instead. I won’t say it’s 100% smooth, but it suits my needs.
Another tricky part is about Windows’ secure desktop. With a regular app, whenever the user gets an authentication dialog, the secure desktop purposely blocks the app from taking screenshots and sending inputs, making it usually disconnecting (even if you just wait). You’d have to make it a service to bypass this and see and control secure desktop. In my case, I’ve not done that because Windows’ services have other limitations that my app couldn’t afford, like displaying other kind of windows.

Handling the keyboard is also not the easiest, depending on which operating system(s) you target.
But yes, it’s fairly doable.

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