Remote Debugging

I’m in the process of test my app on Windows using VM on a Mac.

Last night while trying to test, Xojo was in the process of loading the app into windows. I did this several time and it never completed, canceled after about 10min. So did it again and went to bed. This morning it was still in the loading process. Have not had this problem before, have been doing for several years.

Thought maybe the Remote Debugger had change; so I delete it from windows 7 .
Unzip the Windows version of the Remote Debugger and copied it to windows, desktop?.. how do I install it.

Look at the Xojo User Guide, all it says is to move it to Windows.

Help please.

Once you drag the folder over to your VM, just run the .exe. It’s just like any other Xojo app compiled for Windows.

That what I thought…

However… Got an error message: From an unknown publisher…; click OK, then got about permission and network… clicked OK… run exited…

Ran again a “admin.” got messages but was able to continue… SO it works ok… NOW…

This security crap is driving me crazy.

Kem, thanks.