Remote debugging within docker swarm

Hi all,

I recently switched from using a 32bit development environment to a 64bit development environment so I could run Docker alongside the Xojo IDE. I was hoping to setup a remote debugging in 64bit Ubuntu container to run alongside a micro-server deployment.

I installed the required 32bit libraries and was able to connect to the remote debugger from the Xojo IDE but in the final stage of building the remote debugger reports “Connection Complete”, but nothing happens.

Has anyone got any ideas?

Is there a reason Xojo doesn’t supply a 64bit console app for remote debugging?

They weren’t ready when 2017r1 shipped. They’ll be available in a future release.

Thanks Greg. We have moved our micro-servers into containers and are running them all together with docker compose. I didn’t expect remote debugging not to work within a container. We need proper debugging to maintain productivity; any idea how long we will need to wait?

Until they ship.

That said, what you’re encountering is unlikely to be solved by switching to a 64-bit stub. If the 32-bit stub runs and you’re actually getting a “Connection Complete” message then something on the server is preventing the debug from continuing. Are you sure the firewall is allowing data to move in both directions on all of the necessary ports?

Hi Greg,

I didn’t get time to debug this further until now. I will check the firewalls again.

I pulled down all firewalls for testing but had no success. Is the Beta version stable enough to start using for remote debugging? This issue is making development of certain micro-servers impossible.

Check that the stub is listening on the right interface. If you open preferences, there is a menu which allows you to select one.

That said, I have successfully done a remote debug using a service called zerotier. Since it’s free for < 100 nodes, it might be worth trying.

Got to the bottom of this… Turns out I needed to allow incoming on port 13897. I found this by opening my firewall completely and watching the traffic. Did I miss something in the documentation?