Remote Debugging - Mavericks


Anyone else having trouble debugging in Mavericks (latest build)? I fire up the remote debugger from Xojo 2013 r3 and configure the IDE with the IP, when I try to remote debug the IDE just sits there and doesn’t seem to be able to establish the connection.


That might be 10.9’s new “great” sleep mode for seemingly inactive apps.
Try this: Get Info on the debugger stub and check the new “prevent app sleep” option.

Thanks for the pointer Thomas - one to remember.

It may have been this, but also the generated debug app files are not being deleted when the debug session has ended so getting an I/O error when I start a new debug session!

It’s probably not much help, but I’m having no difficulty with remote debugging (Mavericks to Mavericks). The debug apps aren’t being deleted here either (can’t remember if they got deleted in the past?) but they’re simply being over-written with each new debug run.

If the app quits normally, the application itself should get deleted. If it crashes (or you click Stop in the IDE) it may end up staying there.

Pat, file a private bug report (since 10.9 is still pre-release) and we’ll take a look at it.