Remote debugging error

I’m trying the first time to do remote debugging to another Mac OS version. Going fron Yosemite to El Capitan I get an error message “Runtime Error, Location: common/plugin.cpp: 5528, condition: false, Message: could not open plugin V4RB.rbx.”

I’ve installed Valentina on the virtual machine and have added the Valentina install script for debugging. But this made no change.

Using Xojo 2014r2.

Is this a Xojo or a Valentina problem?

Is this with your main project? Did you try a simple project with no code to see if it exhibits the same behavior?

That’s my main project. Did a quick test:

  • the empty desktop project runs fine
  • adding a line “Valentina.init…” shows the error

There are 2 ways to talk to the Valentina lib. Either Valentina is installed or the libs are added with a build script. Valentina IS now installed in the vm.

And if you include the libs?

This is what I need to check next.