Remote Debugger not launching

When I go to run the standalone Remote Debugger on a Ubuntu 16.04 64-bit server it says the file is missing. It’s execute bit is set on, so what could this error mean? The Linux Console version give a similar error in the Terminal windows. All the Libs and Resources files are there.

Have you installed the necessary 32-bit libraries that are needed to run 32-bit apps on Ubuntu 16 64-bit?

I didn’t realise the Remote Debugger for Linux was a 32-bit app, since so much of Linux is now 64-bit and the app doesn’t indicate it is 32-bit. Thank you.

Even if the Remote Debugger were not a 32-bit app, the apps you are debugging are (since debugging is 32-bit only right now), so you’d also need those libraries for your app to run.

That fixed it on my desktop - thank you.