Remote Debugger - Linux Arm - Parallels - not opening

I’m pretty sure everything is doing what it’s supposed to and this is just a security issue - or something like that.

I’ve setup Ununtu on my M1 Mac using Parallels. It installed fine and is running smoothly.

I’ve copied over the Remote Debugger for Linux Arm. When I try to launch it nothing happens. No error. Nothing.


Maybe this can help?

I don’t think so. I’m not having a network issue. I’m having an issue even launching the debugger itself (not the software project).

But thank you for your response.

Ah ok, sorry I must have read to quickly :zipper_mouth_face:

Have you tried launching the debugger from the terminal and see if there are missing libraries?

No apology needed!

I just did test from the command-line and I think I found the error.

Not sure if this is something I can work around.
I have notified Xojo and will do all the right things to get this bug posted.

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