Remote Debugger Launch Executable

I just installed Xojo 2015 r4 and the remote debugger is no longer launching the correct exe file. Instead of the main executable “DebugMyApp.exe” it is launching an exe that is in the “DebugMyApp Resources” folder. The second exe is one my application’s dependencies, so I can’t really remove it from the project. My current workaround is to uncheck “Launch executable after receiving” in the stub window and launch it manually. Has anyone else run into this and found a fix or better workaround?

Please file a bug report with an example. This sounds like something we’ve got to fix.

This second app doesn’t happen to be named The same as your main app does it?

No, it’s a pdf viewer that was dropped onto the Navigator as a binary object. I use a binary stream to write it out to disk and didn’t even realize the actual exe file was being put in Resources until I started investigating this problem.

Ah. Try using a copy file step instead. The binary is probably confusing the debugger.

I’ve seen this issue before. An executable that’s dragged into the project will automagically run on the double click. Something with how the binary is made. Greg’s fix is correct. Use the Copy File build set-to put it into the Resources directory.

So you guys are saying this problem is caused by a confused debugger and automagic? Really?

This part of the project is not new and I have been doing the remote debugging on it for years. The only thing that changed is the Xojo version. It is fairly obvious they changed something here because the labels above the remote debugger progress bar are new.

I created a new desktop project and added a copy file build step as you both described. Same problem.

Just giving you my first hand, real world knowledge of something similar that took me hours to figure out. Don’t shoot the messenger.

As soon as I removed that additional executable from the project the issue went away. That’s where I would start.

I don’t think it has anything to do with the Remote Debugger, but in the way binaries are built. It’s quite possible that something changed in the way binaries are built in recent versions. The key is start removing things and seeing when the problem stops and then start re-adding things back in.

If it’s something that you can share, or willing to send to me privately, I can take a look at it myself. Maybe I’ll have a different observation. Dunno. Contact me off list if your willing. Support at bkeeney dot com.

Sorry about that. I do appreciate you both taking the time to chime in. Thanks!

I did create a new project with nothing in it but the default window and a copy files build step that copies the external exe into the resources folder. I could send that to you, but I’d hate for you to spend too much time on it.

There is no problem when I build it and double click the main exe or run it from the command line. It really does seems like the debugger stub just doesn’t know which file to launch. I guess it is confused after all!

I did submit a feedback report and will try to come up with a different workaround. I bet it will work if I delete it from the project, remove the file extension from the external file and re-add it to the project. It gets copied out at runtime anyway so I can just add the extension at that point.

Please put that project on the Feedback case as well, even if it’s private.

Just out of curiosity… have you tried using an older debugger stub?

I added the sample project to the feedback. I was using the stub from Xojo 2014r1.1 initially and then switched to the newest one as part of my troubleshooting. They do have the same version number (2.01). Since you asked, I went ahead and tried the one in Real Studio 2012r2.1 and it does have the same behavior. If I switch the IDE back to 2015r2.4 with the same projects then I do not have the problem with any of the stubs.