Remote Debugger issue

I am hoping someone has seen this issue before, after 4 hours I can’t get to the bottom of it. Mostly I work in Windows, but lately have doing some Mac work via the remote debugger. All was working fine until I put up my project up for about 10 days to do some other things. Now when I try to do a remove debug session, I get an error when I try to establish the connection to the SQLite DB:

// connect to Settings database If(SettingsDBFldrItm.Exists) = True Then SettingsDB.DatabaseFile = SettingsDBFldrItm If SettingsDB.Connect() = True then

The SettingsDB is in a subfolder under Library : Application Support : MyProduct : Databases : SettingsDB.rsd

the last code line above returns false and the error is “Unable to extract the folderitem”. It is just a small database that I keep some program settings in. But I can copy the project over and run it directly on the Mac machine and it works fine. So I don’t think there is a permissions issue. I’ve checked the permissions on the file and I’ve got Read and Write permissions. I’ve deleted the SettingsDB and let the program create it (which it does when if it detects it is missing) and that works fine, but fails on the connect.

Not being that familiar with the Remote Debugger, I have no idea what is going on. I tried rewinding my source code in version control to about 2 weeks ago, when I know it was working, but same same error. I guess something has changed on the Mac but I haven’t installed any updates or anything like that. Has anyone seen this before when remote debugging? Any things I should look at as possible causes?

Thanks, all.

I’ll post the answer just in case someone else runs into this. In the Remote debugger stub, the download location was changed to my user account top folder. When I set it back to desktop it works fine again. I have no idea why that makes a difference, but apparently it does.

It makes a difference if the user running the debugger stub doesn’t have permission to write into the destination folder for some reason.

Thanks for the reply. I do have permissions, I could just copy the project over and run it directly under the same account and it worked fine, so I know the account has permissions to that folder. I even went in and manually changed the folder and file name to Read and Write for everyone thinking that might be the issue.

Ah, but you running the app directly may not require the same permissions as the remote debugger launching the app.

There are security concerns when launching apps, if a user launches it directly, you can be fairly sure that’s what they wanted. If another app does it on their own, there’s no way to know the users’ intent. Depending on the platform, it may be a sandbox or a UAC issue.

It does it on the Mac remoting to the same Mac, so that cuts out a Windows UAC issue. As you say, I am sure it is a Mac sandbox or permissions issue at some level. I have it working now, it is just not clear to me why the download location makes a difference. I would have though that something launching from the Users:Me:Desktop would have the same privileges as the top level Users:Me folder.