Remote Debugger Hanging

I am trying to debug with a client, but the remote debug process hangs at the very end of transmitting files. It hangs where it looks like it should be complete.

Anyone else seen this?
Is there a known potential cause?

Assuming you’re working over a VPN, you need to remember that the debugged app is tarred and gzipped for transmission and that it needs to be unzipped and untasted on the client afterward. Depending on the size of your app, that may take some time.

That said, another thing to try is to Run Paused and then have the client launch the app in a terminal. If there are any issues with the app itself, it may show in the terminal.

Lastly, find out if they are running any antivirus or anti malware software. Apps that come in this way are usually unsigned and could just be stopped in their tracks.

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