Remote debugger does not stop at breakpoints

I am brand new to the remote debugger and am trying to use it to debug a web app that runs fine on Windows, but has a serial port issue on a Raspberry Pi. The program runs in the remote debugger, but does not stop at any of the break points. I have tried using the Pi browser as well as Chome on my Windows machine. What am I doing wrong? I have barely enough Linux experience to get this far.

I’ve seen the same thing on my Raspberry Pi. What I found was that the first break-point seems to be ignored. But the second break-point (and others) seems to be obeyed. This hasn’t been too much of an issue for me and I’ve just worked around it.

Try moving your breakpoints up or down a line. There are some loop boundaries that don’t seem to be breaking properly in the latest release.

Sometimes after pause a debug build, breakpoints arn’t being honored too!