Remote database

My project needs a remote database (on a VPS unix server) and I need to write one Xojo program to set it up and another for users (fewer than 10) to access it and make changes to the data from Windows PCs and Macs.

My only experience of writing a database program has been with Real Basic, several years ago, on a single local machine so I would appreciate any advice.

Almost all of the data will be stored as plain text (Varchars) with some dates as well. There could be more than one person trying to access the data at any one time.

Will an SQLLite database sort this for me or will I need to go up to MsSQL? What will hsppen if two people try to ccess the dame tabe at the same tim? Do I need to assign different ots to diferent uses?

My VPS gives me ne fixed IP addres but I have severq domains with them. I someis truggle to udertand what tye technical support people at my VS are tellig me so the asspect of setting up the remote database givs me some cncern. I now that each domain I have is suppse o have a MYSQL facility but I’m not entirely clear ehat tis eans or how I should specify te remote host address.

I use PostgreSQL Remote with About 15 user at the same time and is workin about one yeard and no problems

The two app one run Desktop and one Web

You might want to take a look at CubeSQL from SQLabs. We use it with an Sqlite database and access remotely without any problems. In my opinion, this is by far the easiest way to accomplish what you described.

We have a couple of applications that we access can access from anywhere that use an sqlite DB in CubSQL and have not had any problems.