Remote Connection to mySQL DB fails only with WebApps?

I am trying to connect from my WebApp hosted on to my Synology DiskStation mySQL Database, running on MariaDB. It works just fine from everywhere using Valentina Studio with the user web77 (configured to be able to connect from %), but not with a WebApp.

I am using the following code:

[code] Self.Datenbank = New MySQLCommunityServer

Self.Datenbank.Host = “”
Self.Datenbank.DatabaseName = “”
Self.Datenbank.UserName = “web77”
Self.Datenbank.Password =

If Not self.Datenbank.Connect Then

This always results in the following error:

Access denied for user 'web77'@'' (using password: YES)


Access denied for user 'web77'@'' (using password: YES)

even from within the debugger.

Why does it work with a Desktop App but not with a WebApp?

BTW: It works also fine by using the mySQL Desktop Example delivered with Xojo, on ANY host.

I already contacted Synology Support, but i think it’s related to an issue with Xojo.

I was writing a Feedback, when i remembered i had to change my DB password yesterday.
Everything is working as expected (if you use the correct password) :wink: