Reminders, recurring items

I am sure this has been figured out dozens of times, so i am hoping to not try to reinvent the wheel.

I need a way to set a reminder for a task. It needs to be reoccurring so the user can pick recurring intervals, days of the week, start and stop date, etc.

Then a way to know what the next task is so that i can show a reminder. This is for desktop app.

Thanks for any help that I can get.


The question is much too generic to get real answers. Pick some reminders apps and have a look at their interfaces. Then think about what features you need and like and which ones you don’t need. Use this information to develop your own interface.

My app doesn’t have reminders but schedules for tasks. The user sets a schedule (daily, weekly etc):

And then the user sets some options and says which tasks to run (that is the plans section):

The data is saved in a database. The schedule itself is handled with a helper app.

I have the weekly and monthly pickers available on my website at .

Thanks, I think trying to query the next reminder date is probably where I’m going to need some help, but I’ll work on it.