Remember me?


Geoff Perlman knows me as “the drum machine guy” (We met at WWDC in 2001 I think.
Yes, I will be back with realBasic, eh Xojo, just grabbed a cross platform project (Win + macOS) that I though Xojo would be perfect for.
So, will be fun to se what’s happened in the past 8 years or since since I last used it :wink:


/ Titte

Hey Totte! Welcome back!

So far I remember most of how it works. I see some nice improvements.
I wonder, maybe I can recompile my very old free application I wrote in real basic back in like 2008 that was a donation ware for players of A&AM. I did an iOS app too (in Xcode), maybe update it all using Xojo just for kicks :wink:

So, what do I think so far? (Still waiting for two delayed invoices to get payed so I can purchase my license, summer, vacations and flu seems to make invoice payment suffer really bad…)

Big cheer for ContainerControls! Only thing I’m not really getting is how to delete them from a parent container when I want to change the setup. Instantiating works perfectly with them so does subclassing from a “base” subclass to I can see which is which by looking them up.

Took an hour or two to get into “rb mode” again, I’ve been too much in the Objective-C, Swift & ECMA-script world for 8+ years, but now it behaves itself.

I will continue reporting, I have some old projects I plan to lift, and some ideas keeps popping up.


/ Totte

Remember Me by Eddie Cochran,
I’ll Remember You by Elvis Presley.

Welcome back !

Call the Close method on the instance.

I’ll try that!