Remaining Ventura problem: text in textfields moves a pixel up

I have an odd problem remaining in Ventura: when doing a mousedown in a textfield the text moves up a pixel. The problem is visible even in the IDE. It just looks unprofessional to have such an odd effect. The problem doesn’t show in any XCode made app.

Do a new project, click in the Company Name field and “My Company” moves up a pixel:

MacBook Air, Ventura Beta 10, M1

Am I the only one to notice that the text moves?

Forgot the feedback case: Xojo: Account Login

That could easily be a change that Apple made. Xojo has had to make adjustments for this over the years.

I would expect that Xojo needs to change something.

It’s not that easy. Xojo doesn’t move your controls at runtime. They get placed where you put them, otherwise, the layout editor would be useless for any kind of alignment.

Typically the way people find out about this is because the baseline of the labels don’t line up with the baseline of the text in the field. Xcode offers baseline alignment constraints that do move things at runtime, but everything uses constraints. Because Xojo doesn’t use constraints and there are no defined relationships between controls, there’s nothing to “fix”.

… unless you expect Xojo to add a constraint system for laying out desktop controls.

Have you tried experimenting with the height of your text fields?

Maybe its a bug in macOS which is triggered when text fields aren’t the height macOS is expecting.

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I basically don’t case what Xojo does. The text didn’t move before Ventura, I expect the text not to move in Ventura.

Huh, that is odd. The release version of Xojo itself shows the problem. But my app in the debugger does not.

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Just for clarification, is it just the text that moves at mouse-down, or does the control move too? What happens at mouse-up? Does it move down again?

It’s just the text that moves a pixel up on mouse down. The text moves back the pixel on mouse exit.

It’s visible in Xojo, for instance in the dialog I posted above.

It’s not the control itself that shifts, but the text itself. I tried different fonts and it happens every single time.
And yes, NSTextField does not shift the text. So it’s is a Xojo issue.

Xojo Inc really need to check things regarding macOS 13. It will be released pretty soon.