Reload Xojo plugin without closing and reopening Xojo


I am creating a plugin for Xojo in C++. So far, everything is fine. The only thing which really bothers me is that I need to close and reopen Xojo everytime I modify the plugin and I want to test it (something which happens very often during the development of a plugin…). Is there a way to force Xojo realoding the plugin without closing and reopening Xojo?


You can run Xojo from Terminal.
Press Control-C to kill it when needed.
And see in Terminal the log messages from the plugin.

And have your compiler put the plugin as dylib/dll into the Plugins folder and have no other plugins.

I typically shut-down Xojo and restart it. Sometime I accidently get some interesting errors (from my programming mistakes) and its good to see what Xojo does with the error. Sometimes it says the error doesn’t load, other times it gives me a specific error.

Loading plugins this way has the benefit to help your clients troubleshoot their issues by being familiar with the errors. :slight_smile:

That is very interesting. Unfortunately my plugin has to be tested with a DesktopCanvas so I cannot use the terminal. I was hoping for quick way to reload it when necessary.

Please don’t confuse project type and how you run Xojo.

On macOS you can run Xojo from Terminal, e.g.

And then you can of course run a desktop project.

Not sure if this would be sufficient, but you could try pulling up Xojo preferences, going to the Build tab, and clicking the Clear Caches button. That will cause Xojo to reload the plug-in, I think.

Xojo cannot reload plugins while its running. It only loads plugins at startup.

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Thank you very much for your replies. Ok I will try to live with the dead times associated to closing and reopening xojo every time…