Reliable Web Site host?

I’ve used for years.
For the last week, its like the staff have taken a holiday together.
Files have been moved to a new server which broke FTP login until I worked out where they had put them.
And the admin tools they supply don’t let people log in. (Several web posts from similarly unhappy people over the last few days).
And no response to emails.

So, I need a fallback.
Has anyone any recommendation for a host that will handle a web site with sizeable demo apps for download, and email forwarding?
Preferably one that makes the switch quick and painless, (as its been a long time since I claimed my domain name and apart from paying every few years to renew it, Im not confident in how to administer that these days.)

I’ve used MediaLayer as my shared web host for several years and I recommend them highly. (Not for Xojo WebApps, but anything built on LAMP) has been extremely reliable for me. I don’t know if they handle web apps, but regular web hosting has been excellent for me. Support is very quick and thorough. One time, after leaving an email request, they actually phoned me to reply because they wanted to be sure they had everything correct. I’ve been using them for around 10 years and the personal and excellent service is terrific.