Release notes on feedback?

Did someone forget to upload them? :slight_smile:


Xojo 2017r2
Feedback 2017r1

<> Release Notes for 2017r2 in Feedback

They’re not showing up for me either. I believe they’ve been uploaded but for some reason aren’t showing up in the list in Feedback. I’m running Feedback version 2017r1.2 on macOS 10.12.6.

  1. read the release notes in the doc dir next to your IDE
  2. check

It was always very convenient to see them in Feedback.

As you have it in the database, it would also be nice to show right in the case view the version tag where the fix was included.

Release Notes for Versions 2017r1.1 and 2017r2.1 are listed in Feedback but not 2017r2. The fact that the previous and next versions are listed may be a clue. Perhaps there is some bad data for 2017r2 that prevents it from being selected, displayed, etc.

The release notes are available in the Documentation folder next to the IDE and on the web at

Common Greg we know it. What we are saying is that RN are MISSING in Feedback… :slight_smile:

I am aware that they are missing… and what I’m saying is that you should be getting them elsewhere because we don’t have time to fix this right now.