Release Notes bug fix missing

Why is this bug fix
missing in the release notes?

Was it actually included in the release? Have you checked to see if it’s fixed? The “Milestone” is the target release, not when it was actually released.

Issues that are labeled as “Beta Bug” (caused and fixed during the beta period) won’t appear in the final release notes, they do appear only during the beta.

It also didn’t appear during the beta.

I’ve double checked and you’re right, it’s missing in the beta release notes. It was probably fixed while fixing another one, but we’ll take a look.


I’m relying a lot in the release notes (always reading them and keeping an eye on them). I hope they’re still reliable. How often are there missing bugs not listed?
(I guess no one knows, since it’s hardy noticeable :man_shrugging:)

They are reliable, we add a release note to every case we fix. This was fixed during the beta period, but not directly in this case, so it was probably a duplicate. We’ll find out.

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It looks like a fix for another Issue caused the #70868 beta bug. The change was reverted and this bug went away. That’s why there is no specific release note for this ticket.