[Release 1.0] Plugins Pro - Manage Your Plugins!

Plugins Pro is a new tool to help you manage plugins. Activate and deactivate individual plugins, manage them in sets, check for the latest version online and a few other super handy tools. I have been working closely with some of the major vendors like Einhugur and MBS so that Plugins Pro offers their customers some neat features. An early manual is available here, peruse it to learn more


  • Install, activate, and deactivate plugins to manage Xojo plugins in powerful new ways
  • Updating plugin versions is easier than ever, drag and drop, done
  • Check for the latest versions of plugins from CubeSQL, Einhugur, MBS, Valentina, and Van Hoek
  • Manage license codes and stay on top of updates for Einhugur and MBS
  • Decrypt full versions of Einhugur plugins
  • Generate obfuscated RegisterMBS code
  • Update GraffitiSuite automatically
  • MBS subset updater tool updates only the installed plugins currently installed from the whole set

I’ve been working on this tool for a long time. The first commits are more than a year ago! I now use this tool frequently to manage my sets and versions. If you work with juggling plugins I really think you’ll like this tool. Check out the beta and download it from the website: https://manageyourplugins.com

It is in beta stages, so in the off chance you come across a bug please let me know! Send me a PM here on the forum, or an email. Alternatively, if you have a bitbucket account you are welcome to file an issue directly!

Have a great Monday!


Nice useful tool ! Thanks @Tim Parnell
The ide will still precompile all the plugins again if changed right?

[quote=477474:@Derk Jochems]Nice useful tool ! Thanks @Tim Parnell
The ide will still precompile all the plugins again if changed right?[/quote]
Yes. I have big dreams for a project management workflow where the app would capture your precompiled plugin cache and restore it for specific projects. I wanted to get the tool out for testing because it’s still super useful as it is now :slight_smile:

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Nice work!

It looks really handy, looking forward to giving it a spin - thank you!

Thanks @Tim Parnell, this is going to be really useful!

You are all very welcome! I hope it works well :slight_smile:

I’ve released a new beta today. It fixes a few things and adds some new features - just in time for MBS 20.1
Here are the changes:

New: Add, delete, and rename plugin set contextual menu items
New: Add, uninstall, activate, and deactivate plugin contextual menu items
New: Optional Window position saving
New: Export active plugin list as CSV
Fixed: Importing no longer chokes on unknown plugins
Fixed: Corrected issue where updater tool required you Check For Updates first
Fixed: Updater tool now works with pre-UUID plugins
Fixed: Collision detection checks sets being activated in addition to plugins being activated
Fixed: Collision detection will no longer incorrectly assert that an inactive set contains a collision
Changed: Thread exceptions will be re-raised and presented to the user to help debug

Download Beta 2 at https://ManageYourPlugins.com

I use and like it so much I added in all my unused Einhugur plugins so I can see what I have, when they update and where I might have missed an announcement.

I assumed the Check for updates feature would have actually done the update, but dragging the new plugin onto the window is not a harsh burden.

OMG - I was just looking for something like this. Is there any way for it to examine a Xojo project and turn off MBS Plugins you aren’t using?

Having all the MBS plugins turned on takes at least 10X longer to launch the app.

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You can always build the project and look in the Libs/Frameworks folder.

You can see here the list of all plugin parts and check which library belongs to which plugin:

And dependencies are here:

So you can reduce to only the plugin needed for your projects.

I may be able to use the information on those links in some way. I can’t make any promises on this side project right now, but this certainly seems like something computers can do for us.

If someone is able to boil the information down to a ClassNameMBS > Plugin Name / GUID lookup table that would help this feature move up in feasibility. Project scanning code already exists for the GraffitiSuite updater tool.

Well, if needed, I could output something as json file in our documentation tool and put on documentation site.

I’ve released an update for Plugins Pro today. This update moves the software to it’s home at Strawberry Software.

Here’s what’s new:
Changed: Move or copy to install now defaults to copy
Changed: URLs now link to Strawberry Software location
Changed: Updated Einhugur decryption classes
Changed: Removed Beta expiration

Not a super exciting update, but the current version’s beta expiration is in a few days. I haven’t heard about any bugs lately, so this version has no expiration and is considered the 1.0 release :slight_smile:

Download the update here: https://strawberrysw.com/plugins-pro

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Thank you @Tim Parnell :slight_smile:

Yhnaks Tim, this is a very helpful tool!