Relative Positioning of Controls in IDE to Address Resizing Window

I am creating a project with a resizable window that contains a few controls (htmlviewer, two textareas and two buttons). I would like these controls to automatically reposition when the window is resized. I tried locking the positions, but I couldn’t find a combination that provided pleasing spacing between the controls. I then tried placing a formula referencing another control into the controls top or left field. For instance, I would like textarea2’s top to be 20 below textarea1’s bottom. So I tried putting the following into textarea2’s top: + textarea1.height + 20

But the IDE kept replacing the formula with 0.

I thought that something like this was possible in the past, but I can’t get it to work and I can’t find anything like it in the documentation. Is this possible?

Its like this in iOS, but not on the desktop.

You would issue this code in the window resized event + textarea1.height + 20

Thanks Jeff.

You would have to look into resizing event too, if you want it to adjust as it resized.

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