RegisterServices/Menuitem in global contextual menu

Did I overread information on how to add a menu item to Mac OS X’ services menu (and how to catch its call if it is different from usual contextual menus)?

In MacOSLib, I found a module Registerservices which, according to the docs, is unfinished yet. I bet there’s a MBS plug-in for that, but besides from this: Has this topic been explored? And when: Where?

Thanks a lot again!

Did you find the examples coming with our plugins?

Won! :smiley:
Seriously: Not yet. And because I do not want to sound like “stay away with your commercial solutions”: I do not see anything wrong with your proposal of MBS plugins – even more, I really, really appreciate your strong support to this forum. But besides from me being still quite a newbie to Xojo and trying to find Xojo ways first instead of relying on some (well-done and working) black boxes, the main reason is I am still confused about the sheer number of your plugins and have not been able to get a workable overview on them.
Initially I installed them all, finding the code compilation taking much more time. So I removed them – and did not yet take a separate look in certain of them again.

I’ve been wondering about this for about a month now. It should be possible through declares and some post build scripts, but editing the info.plist is quite a pain.

Well, you can dig into Apple’s documentation and write it yourself or throw a put some money in a plugin order (if you don’t have a license already) and enjoy me doing the work for you.

And in this case that’s clearly beyond my scope, I’d surely prefer the latter option (although the inner reward of taggling the system one one’s own is much greater – but I can wait until I’m grown up to such things).

But could you please help me: In what module can I find the functions? I skimmed through some of your docs but wasn’t lucky yet …

Maybe you email me if you have questions.
In MacOSX examples folder is a services example.

Thank you, Christian!
In installed the Mac OSX plugins and started skimming through your examples – there’s a lot of other interesting stuff besides RegisterServices. I’ll take your advice and read Apple’s documentation first, so I guess you’ll not hear from me until next week.

But, btw: Are the examples intended to run with the included plug-ins only? If so, SofaGX on window does not because QTGraphcsimporterMBS is not known to it. I guess that’s part of another plug-in? Or did I miss something?

I, not in. Is here really no edit function?

QuickTime plugin is needed for QTGraphcsimporterMBS class.

In general examples for one plugin often use other plugins. And for playing with examples you best install all plugins.
Later you can remove those you don’t need.

I see. Thx!