Regional Settings not being honored

I have 2 servers, one VPS and one Dedicated. Both are with 1and1.

On the dedicated server my webapp runs fine and displays currency, and dates properly. It is running Windows 2012.

On the VPS, even though the regional settings are set to US, I am getting a period for the thousands separator, and a comma for the decimal and also periods for the date separator, and the dates are in d.m.y format and not m.d.y format.

Has anyone run into this before? When I look at the regional settings for the server, they all appear to be correct.

Is there anyway to force Xojo to use US?

i thnk, The best way is to convert, using simple string manipulation

I think I figured it out. I’ll try to explain as best as I can.

This app is being run as a standalone. I decided to use AlwaysUp to run the app as a service, and it does work great. When I setup the app to run via AlwaysUp I took the default, which I believe is to use the Local System account. That account must have it’s profile set to something besides US. I am going to change it to use my account and that will fix the issue.

1 and 1 has servers in Europe, so the comma decimal separator sounds about normal if you are hosted there. It is possible your dedicated server is hosted in the US.

and other way are use the NTP ( Network Time Protocol) this is an example from Greg O’Lone example

are you using FORMAT or STR ?

You can us STR in much the same way a format and it ALWAYS uses , for thousands and . for decimals

Dates will use the current local so you could end up being forced to use Str + the specific date fields to force a specific locale format
Or just use SqlDate format