RegExRX - testers needed

If you are a registered user of RegExRX, or just want to help test, please take a look at v.1.9b1 at my web site:

The key changes are 64-bit and support for dark mode, with a few minor fixes thrown it.

Note: I haven’t even fired up the Windows version yet, so use with caution.

Let me know what you find, and thanks in advance.

Hi Kem,
if possible, I would like you to change the “copy to xojo” code for handling looping throught all the search results.
this is still confusing for beginners that gets only the first search.

I’m not sure what you mean, can you give me an example?

If you downloaded after my post, the Mac version’s signature wasn’t right. It’s fixed now.

taking one regexsample, I copy the pattern to a xojo native code, I get this :

dim rx as new RegEx
rx.SearchPattern = "(?mi-Us)\\b(\\d{1,2})([/-])(\\d{1,2})\\2(\\d{4}|\\d{2})\\b"

dim rxOptions as RegExOptions = rx.Options
rxOptions.LineEndType = 4

dim match as RegExMatch = rx.Search( sourceText )

it would be nice to have a loop after this code to go through all the matches using
not only this code that gives only the first match

I just posted 1.9b2 with color improvements in Dark Mode.

Is this better, @Jean-Yves Pochez ?

dim rx as new RegEx
rx.SearchPattern = "(?mi-Us)abc"

dim rxOptions as RegExOptions = rx.Options
rxOptions.LineEndType = 4

dim match as RegExMatch = rx.Search( sourceText )
while match isa RegExMatch
// Do something

match = rx.Search

Maybe for newbies add a comment to the next search?

// Find the next match match = rx.Search

But thanks for being awesome, Kem!

Nice !
and what do you think of :

while match isa RegExMatch
// Do something with the match
dim aValue as String = match.SubExpressionString(0)
// Find the next match
match = rx.Search

I do not like it. :slight_smile:

v.1.9b3 is out. More Dark Mode fixes and the Copy As Xojo Code change mentioned above. Also fixes a problem with the splitter between the search and replace patterns sliding out of existence.

you deserve a good night now … :wink:

why ?

There is a point where it would be overdoing it, and I feel like it would be that point. I’m still not entirely comfortable adding the loop, especially since the other “Copy As Code” options don’t do that.

At some point I’m thinking about a mechanism where you can create your own code template, or modify the built-in one, so you can do whatever you’d like yourself.

But we’re not there yet…

v.1.9b4 has been posted. More Dark Mode fixes and finally tested the Windows version.

Er, 1.9b5. Fixed the problem of downloading samples on Windows.

Holy cow, Kem.
1.8.1 is 33mb is 71mb
Is there anything you can do about that or is it CEF/Kaju?

Edit: Are there plans to swap the bevel buttons with dark mode friendly controls?

seems that those bevels with menus would be the issue otherwise you’d have to redo a bunch some of the UI
not that its impossible since there are items like Search Pattern that appear to just use a popuparrow

I’m looking at the Search and Replace buttons too. Personally, I wouldn’t mind an actual TabPanel forgoing the animations and custom background. But it’s Kem’s baby and I’m sure he has his reasons :wink:

Haven’t managed to break it yet though!

The file size is what it is, unfortunately. It’s not Kaju as I haven’t included it in this project (although I should).

I did have my reasons for the Bevel Buttons vs. TabPanel, although I’ve long forgotten what they were. I think it was because I wanted a consistent look with the Windows version, but it might have been issues with overlapping controls and the fact that it was a mode switch rather than a true tab. Whatever, I don’t plan on changing it anytime soon.

And forgo the animations? Heresy!