RegEx find only first occurence

Hi to all, I’ve a problem with RegEx.

The code is the following:

[code]dim re As new RegEx
dim match As RegExMatch
re.SearchStartPosition = 0
re.SearchPattern = “(\wciao\w\.\w+)”

dim toSearch As String = str(formattedContent)
match = re.Search(“,,, bal”)[/code]

My problem is that I have to find all the strings in the match line (except for the last one).
The regular expression match contains only, ignoring all the others.

How can I set the RegEx in order to get back all the words I’m looking for?

Thank you all for the answer.

Put it in a loop.

match = re.Search( myString )
while match isa RegExMatch
  // Do something with this match

  match = re.Search // Get the next match