Reference subclass from parent array

myPage As WebPage
Master As WebContainer with Control of myLabel As WebLabel
Minion As Master {subclassed} with Control {inherited myLabel} plus myText As WebTextField
Session has a Property of Containers() As Master
Code within myPage:

ReDim Session.Containers(1) Session.Containers(0) = NEW Master Session.Containers(0).EmbedWithin(Self, 40, 20, Session.Containers(0).Width, Session.Containers(0).Height) Session.Containers(0).myLabel.Text = "Master" Session.Containers(1) = NEW Minion Session.Containers(1).EmbedWithin(Self, 40, 170, Session.Containers(1).Width, Session.Containers(1).Height) Session.Containers(1).myLabel.Text = "Minion"
So how do you reference myText within Containers(1)?
Session.Containers(1).myText.Text = “Name” wont compile even though this is a “Minion” object, the array is “Master”.

Your array is of type Master so it does not know about the Minion type, so you need to cast:

Minion(Session.Constainers(1)).myLabel.Text = "Minion"

Perfect! Thanks Paul!