refer to my files inside my project

Hi to all…
I’m working on my little project and I need know how to refer to files stored into my project.


  1. I created manually a database with external application
  2. from XoJo I insert it into my project (Insert > DataBase > Select SQLite Database…)
  3. run my XojoApp

Now, I need refer to this file and to do a copy to a directory…
Is DataBase file is inside the executable XoJoApp file? Or where? And how can I refer to it?

Thanks a lot.

You can put the database file wherever you want. For me, I create a database and store it in /Library/ApplicationSupport (on a Mac) as then any user can access the particular database file (which is what I want in my case). In other cases you might want to store it in the user library.

Rather than copy the database file into Xojo as you did, it’s better and easier just to reference it as a folder item like anything else. So in my case I do something like below. One database is stored in either the defined preferences folder (i.e.: PrefsFolder folder item) or it is a place where the User has selected to load the database (DBPath folder item).

MSDB is my database file object that is a property in a module in my app. SwitchDB is a second database I use that has a number of commands I parse to do specific communications in my app.

    System.DebugLog("Setting up Database")

    If DBPath <> Nil Then
      DBFile = DBPath
      DBFile = PrefsFolder.Child("MSData.rsd")
    End IF
    MSDB = New SQLiteDatabase  // Create the database object in code
    MSDB.DatabaseFile = DBFile   // Set the file name
    MSDB.MultiUser = True
    // Set up the database file
    If DBFile <> Nil Then
      If Not DBFile.Exists Then
         CreateDatabaseFile  // Call the method to create the file
        System.DebugLog("Created Database")
      End If
      Call ConnectTo_AndSetup_Database  // Method I have to connect to the database and make sure it has all the right tables.

     //Now I have a second database I load that always sits in the folder where the application's executable resides       
      SwitchDB = New SQLiteDatabase
      SwitchFile = GetFolderItem("switches.rsd")
      SwitchDB.DatabaseFile = SwitchFile
      System.DebugLog("Setting Switch Database")
      If SwitchFile <> Nil Then  
        If Not SwitchDB.Connect() Then
            MsgBox("There was a problem connecting to the switch database."+EndOfLine+EndOfLine+SwitchDB.ErrorMessage)
          End If
        End If

I hope this helps.

Yes… good idea !
Thanks a lot Jon.