Redis class talk

I just released Redis_MTC, an open-source project that will let you easily interact with a Redis Server.

For those unfamiliar, Redis is a fast, in-memory no-sql database system with built-in persistence and replication features. Think of it like a Xojo Dictionary whose values can persist across applications and restarts.

Redis offers a wide variety of functions that deal with all sorts of data structures from simple key-values to hashes and sorted sets, and Redis_MTC gives an easy way to access a Redis server through an API that mimics almost all of its built-in functions and offers useful, interpreted results. It also supports “pipeline” mode for even more speed and efficiency, in case a regular throughput of 25k requests per second doesn’t quite cut it.

You can read about Redis at their site. You can get the free Redis_MTC class through GitHub at:

Feel free to post comments, questions, or suggestions here or there.

Kem, this is an amazing body of work. Thank you so much for well done and super nicely packed up projects. What a pleasure! I hope I can hep you some day…

I just updated the Redis project to 1.2. Among other things, it will work with Xojo 2019r2.

NICE !!!
Kem, I personally think that It will be good for everyone if this post includes ideas for real usage of Redis.
For instance, which real application of Redis you had included in your software projects ???

In our company project, we use Redis to hold flags separate from our PostgreSQL database. It doesn’t lock up our db, but can still be shared among various instances of our middleware, including the one written in JavaScript.

The nice thing is you can have a key automatically expire. That would take some work with a traditional database.