Redirecting to subfolder

How do I redirect root of the Xojo Cloud server to a subfolder?

For example, say my IP is and I want it to automatically go to folder myapp. So, instead of typing in I just want to type in

Right now, the Apache 2 Test Page comes up but I don’t think I need that plus I want to simplify the link.

Quick followup: I think Greg may have already answered this — “The plan is to give you the ability to specify a domain name (in your control panel) and point it at a particular web app.” I’ll take that as my answer.

Hate to be a pest, but can anyone give an estimate when redirect will be available?

I put the .htaccess file that does the redirect 301 in the web applications folder using file manager example but it doesn’t seem to work. Is web applications the correct folder? If I try to put it in the parent of web applications it doesn’t allow it.

For now, may I suggest putting an HTML file with a meta refresh tag to do the redirect. Something like this:


[/code] If you call the file index.html, it should work just fine.

Works great. Thanks.